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Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated towards the care of Rose, our recently rescued rabbit! Sadly, Rose was injured before we rescued her and has a broken pelvis and is paralyzed from her waist down. She has a lot of medical needs in front of her and is currently hospitalized in an effort to release her bladder. We are seeking the best medical care for Rose, which is very costly! See the updates below and visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for photos. 

Please donate towards her medical care if you can! Every dollar makes a difference!

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***Rose Update!!!!- 7/24/17- 10pm*** Here she is...Our fighter Rose!!!! She's now been at the hospital for 5 days and is currently tucked in for her 5th night there! Rose had her catheter taken out today! WAHOO! She actually bit through the cord on her own, but it was perfect timing because she was ready for her bladder to get back to work. Then the real test started to see if her bladder could be manually expressed. After a few hours, her doctor was able to successfully express her bladder manually, which is also amazing news. While the catheter was in the last few days, Rose's bladder was able to rest a bit and now we have to see if it can go back to its normal size and stay small. Rose will need her bladder expressed 3 times a day, likely for the rest of her life. 

In addition to her bladder hurdles, Rose needs to remain immobilized for the next 6 weeks while her broken pelvis heals. During this time, she may regain some feeling in her legs, but it is unlikely. She has been getting daily cold laser therapy sessions to help the healing process while she's been in the hospital. This has all been the best case of a worst case scenario. 

We are hoping to be able to bring Rose home in the next few days to continue her healing journey. She's such a fighter and has such an amazing spirit, and has definitely captured a few hearts during her time at the vet. We have your back... GO ROSE!!!!!

Rose's medical expenses are outrageous and this is definitely our most expensive medical expense in our rescue yet! If you can donate towards her care, please click on the "Donate" link above! Thank you from Rose! 

***Rose Update- 7/23/17- 11PM*** This photo was taken on Thursday when we took Rose to a specialized vet to try and help her heal. Here we are 4 days later and Rose is still in the hospital now. We feel lucky that her doctors were able to find and diagnose her bladder issue and to try their best to correct it- and her vet reported that Rose had a pretty good day today! She still has the catheter in which is continuously draining urine from her bladder. This is relieving the pressure on her bladder and is hopefully allowing it to shrink back to its normal size. We will have more information tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, they will be able to remove the catheter tomorrow to see if her bladder can be managed with manual expression and remain small. This will be the biggest hurdle for her right now. We know she's a fighter and we won't give up on her. Keep checking back for more updates about Rose! 🌹💗Rose's vet bills are astronomical- she's been hospitalized for much longer than we had hoped for- and we need your help! 

***Rose Update- 7/22/17 12:30pm*** Yesterday, Rose was a champ during her ultrasound and needle biopsy and we finally have answers about what is going on in her abdomen. The fluid in her stomach that we saw on the x-ray was urine from an enlarged bladder, which had gotten so big that it was taking up part of her abdomen and about to press on her organs. Luckily, we learned from the ultrasound that all of the fluid is contained within her bladder, which is better than free-floating urine, blood, or abscess. So even though it's not the greatest news ever, it's a best-case scenario for Rose! 

Rose isn't out of the woods yet. In order to release the pressure from her bladder, they placed a catheter straight into her bladder, which was no easy feat. Immediately, the vet reported that there was a lot of urine coming out, which is also great. Ideally, they want to leave in the catheter to continuously drain her urine for a few days to let her bladder try to go back to normal size, and then monitor her for a few days after that to see if her bladder can remain small and if manual expression will be enough to keep her bladder from expanding again. All of this can be common in paralyzed rabbits and is a side effect of her injury. As of this morning after 12 hours on the catheter, everything is going exactly according to the plan and we are praying it continues! Rose will be in the hospital for at least 5 days, which is way more than we had hoped or budgeted for. 

All of the added costs of the ultrasound and needle biopsy, catheter, bloodwork, additional x-rays, and an extended hospital stay are adding up, way more than what our small rescue can handle. The bill is well over $1,000 now and is steadily creeping up. Thank you to everyone who has donated to her care. If you ever thought about donating to our rescue, now is the time. Please also share this message far and wide so we can do our best to continue helping Rose. Rose needs your support to give her the best chance at life. Thank you so much! Keep fighting Rose!!!!!!

***Rose Update- 7/21/17*** Yesterday we took Rose to a specialist vet who was able to give her a thorough exam and new x-rays from different angles to really determine what is going on. As we suspected, from her injury she does have a completely broken pelvis on both sides. Over time, this could heal but it is unlikely she will regain any feeling in her bottom half. She could stay immobilized for 6-8 weeks until the bone heals, aided by treatments like cold laser, and she could eventually live a pain free and happy life. This was all good news and what we were hoping for. Unfortunately, they also found some cloudiness in her abdomen on the x-ray that could indicate fluid in her abdomen from an unknown cause, potentially also from her spay surgery. We also had bloodwork done which came back a little concerning. Rose stayed overnight at the vet's office and today is having an ultrasound and needle biopsy to determine exactly what is happening in her abdomen. She did ok through the night and we are praying for some good news when the vet calls us. The vet bills are already astronomical for our small rescue, so we are continuing to raise funds for her ongoing care. More than anything, Rose has been through so much and is such a fighter, and she deserves to live a happy life. We are all behind you, Rose. Keep fighting!

***Rose Update- 7/19/17*** Good morning from Rose! This sweetheart is such a fighter! She had a great night of sleep, ate a bunch, and even peed on her own for the first time since she's come into our rescue. We have some big plans in the works for Rose's medical journey.

***Rose Update- 7/18/17*** A little glimpse into part of our nightly routine! Rose needs medications to keep her pain-free (and to rid her of pesky parasites). She's SO good about taking her medicine. She also needs help with bladder expression a few times a day. Rose is the greatest little patient ever. Keep fighting Rose, we've all got your back! 

***Rose Update- 7/18/17*** Hello from sweet Rose! We've found a way to keep Rose stable and comfortable, using a c-shaped pillow to support her back half. We are keeping her as immobilized as possible for the time being, hoping that her body (with the help of anti-inflammatory medications) will begin to heal itself. We are unsure at this time if she will regain feeling in her back half. In the meantime, we are also pursuing other medical avenues to make sure we've tried everything possible for Rose. She's still fighting, so we are too! Please stay tuned for the rest of Rose's story as we post updates. Major prayers please! Rose's medical bills will be astronomical, especially for a small rescue. If you want to donate towards Rose's care, donations can be made by clicking on this link!

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