Who We Are

Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is a small nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes rabbits in need. We started out by helping other volunteer organizations, but quickly realized that there were limited resources for rabbits in our area. We started our rescue in the beginning of 2007 and since then have adopted out over 300 rabbits into "forever homes!" Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Inc. does extensive volunteer work associated with our local animal shelters. Most of our rescued rabbits come from animal shelters. We also rescue rabbits from the outdoors when they are let go unnecessarily. We try to help rabbits who need to be surrendered and we do help owner surrenders when possible. 

Hug-a-Bunny was created through true ambition to try to make a difference and save a few lives, but we quickly surpassed that goal! We now have a working network with organizations in our area and miles away to best support our rabbits. Each rabbit that comes into our care is treated like our own until they find their "forever home!" 

We aim to educate the public about rabbits. We've found that many people don't know what amazing companions rabbits can be. Most are not aware that rabbits should be indoors only, are easily litterbox-trained, and crave attention and love. All Hug-a-Bunnies are litterbox-trained while they are in foster care! 

All rabbits in our care are spayed/neutered when they enter our rescue. All medical expenses come from kind donations. Hug-a-Bunny runs solely on volunteers for the care of these animals. Since we don't have a physical location, all of our rabbits live in foster homes across Northern NJ and NY. Our foster homes are our lifelines! Without them, we could never save as many lives as we do! Thanks for supporting us! 

Jamie and Frannie
Co-Founder and Co-Directors