Hoppy Tails


Thanks to all of your support, we were able to attain another goal that we never thought possible. Recently, we had our 310th adoption! This was a huge accomplishment for us and we're so proud! Most importantly, we're happy for all of our 310 rabbits who have found amazing "forever homes!" Each one has touched our hearts and will remain there forever. Take a minute to browse through our "Hoppy Tails" section (below) to see all of the amazing animals who have been lucky enough to find permanent homes!

Congrats to all 310 adopted Hug-a-Bunnies and their "forever families!"

Congratulations to Our Recent Adoptions!

You can see pictures of all of these rabbits in our "Hoppy Tails" section!

Bailey on a wonderful new life with mom Paula
Maya on a long-awaited and well-deserved "forever home" with Kamila...she waited for almost 2 years for a home!
Chex (now Linus) on a wonderful and loving home with the Longo family after being returned to Hug-a-Bunny
Levi on an incredible and well-deserved home with new mom Kim
Darla on her true "forever home" with the Longo's after being returned to Hug-a-Bunny
Pippen on finding her "forever home" with her foster parents and rescuers Adam and Jess....and on being bonded to former Hug-a-Bunny Max!
Hank on his "forever home" with his foster family of a year and a half...they just couldn't let him go!
Newman on a loving and wonderful home with Hope & crew, including Sugar and Archie and Gracie (Spice Babies mom and two of our "Spice Babies")
Maurice on a well-deserving home for a very patient boy to join adopted Hug-a-Bunnies Winnie the Pooh and Max with Jess and Adam
Chai on an amazing life with "Fred & Friends" including past adopted Hug-a-Bunny Cupid (now Charlie)
Sprinkles on finding her well-deserved home with Coleen and Emil after waiting patiently for 6 years!
Cinnamon and Chili on finding an amazing home with Patty & Nick...our last "Spice Babies!"
Sky our beautiful girl on finding a "forever home" with Kathy after patiently waiting 1 1/2 years in her foster home (and a hopeful bond to adopted Hug-a-Bunny Stevie)
Lex (the last one of the "Miracle Babies") on an amazing home with mom Lauren

Hug-a-Bunny Total Adoptions: 293

Adoptions in 2012: 27
Adoptions in 2011: 45
Adoptions in 2010: 36
Adoptions in 2009: 38
Adoptions in 2008: 61
Adoptions in 2007: 68
Adoptions in 2006: 15

Animals Rescued in part by Hug-a-Bunny: at least 355